The Gift of Talking to Trees: Follow-up


I must say that I’m so pleased with the response to my original post The Gift of Talking to Trees. It’s good to hear about others with the gift and how it plays into their lives. My thanks to Grandmother Margaret for convincing me to write it.

I’ve had many great experiences with my trees since I wrote the original post. Aside from just enjoying spending time with them, I’ve learned so much from their wise council. There were a number of lessons that I apparently needed to learn from them, and, according to an elder tree, I’ve “graduated” for now. There are certain things for which I no longer need their guidance because I can take care of them myself. I’m also going down the right path (for me, at least) and doing what I’m supposed to be doing at this point in my life.

I’ve asked them if there is anything else that I need to learn from them (because I certainly don’t want to stop learning), but they’ve been consistent in their replies for the past year. “No, we’ve helped you as Creator has directed us, and you must walk your path fully. For now. More lessons will come later, but you must practice what you’ve learned and work on enjoying your life to the fullest.” It was the “For now.” that got me. <vbg> So I’m going about my life as they’ve directed, absolutely enjoying myself with the things I do.

I always find peace and happiness with my trees, and I know they are always with me. And that’s quite a comforting feeling.

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