The Gift of Talking to Trees

Back in May of 2011, I had the distinct pleasure and great honor of meeting Grandmother Margaret Behan, one of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers, at an event at the Vashon Intuitive Arts center on Vashon Island, WA. I told her the story I’m about to tell you, and she asked me to promise her that I would write about it on my blog; she said there were possibly others who had the same gift but may have been afraid to use it because they simply thought they might be going crazy. It’s taken me a while to get around to doing this, but I believe that things happen when they’re supposed to happen. Now is the time for me to keep my promise to Grandmother Margaret. She is someone I certainly wouldn’t want to disappoint.

A few years ago, a couple of Tarot colleagues did readings for me (separately, of course) and I was intrigued by one point that each of them made to me during the readings. They said that my gift for reading the Tarot was just one of several gifts I have in me. They both indicated that more of my gifts would expose themselves over time and that I should embrace them fully. “But all I really want to do is read the Tarot.” “Well, Mike, Spirit and the Universe have other plans for you. You’ll be doing more than just reading cards; in fact, you’ll get to the point that you won’t really need them anymore.” I was shocked by the last statement because I really love my cards! “Well,” I said, “I’m keeping my cards despite any other gifts that may pop up.” I’m still reading my beloved cards, but a wonderful gift did reveal itself soon after those readings.

A Spiritual Gift Appears When You Least Expect ItMy Trees for Blog 012913 v2

This is really true, isn’t it? People seem to think that spiritual gifts appear via things such as visions, whispered angelic voices, mystical symbolic signs, or some great metaphysical fanfare. The reality is that they appear at the most unlikely times and in the most unlikely places and circumstances. That was most certainly true in my case.

So what gift, then, appeared to me in such a fashion?

I discovered I can speak to trees.

This happened absolutely unexpectedly, in the most unlikely location under the most unlikely circumstances. (See? Just like I said.) It’s probably a good thing that my new gift revealed itself as it did because I might not have believed it had it happened under a more metaphysical or mystical set of circumstances. Had it happened in the latter case, I might have thought it was just all in my mind. Here’s what happened.

A few years ago, I was working at Microsoft and was on a team that helped manage and run TechEd, Microsoft’s premiere developer conference. We were holding the conference at the Orlando Convention Center that year, and our staff was staying at the Rosen Centre Hotel. The hotel is located just across the street, immediately east of the conference center and it’s a short ten minute walk from the hotel entrance to the east entrance of the conference center. There was a short grove of trees along the sidewalk between the hotel driveway entrance and the street between the hotel and the conference center, and I passed them every day on my way to and from the conference.

The grove had a beautiful mix of young and old shade trees, and I especially enjoyed walking by them every morning. I’m not very fond of heat (meaning anything over 63 degrees) and the trees provided a cool shade that made me feel good and helped me wake up enough mentally to prepare myself for the day’s work ahead. Little did I know that one of these trees would change my life forever in a very major way.

The conference was a week long and our team arrived a few days ahead of time so that we could make last minute preparations and ensure that we were ready to welcome our speakers and conference attendees. I noticed the trees on the very first day that I had to walk from the hotel to the conference center. Needless to say, I was very happy that they were there to provide shade on my morning walks to the conference. On the second day, though, I noticed that there was a construction crew with a few backhoes working behind a fenced area located in front of the trees. (It’s odd that I didn’t initially notice that the trees were behind a fence.) They were busily working on breaking apart what looked to be an old parking lot or concrete foundation of a building that used to be there. “Perhaps they’re going to build a new wing or maybe a multi-level parking lot” I thought to myself. I took one last look and proceeded on the conference center ready to join my first meeting of the day.

Here’s the part of the story that I remember very vividly to this day, as if this all happened only yesterday.

On Monday morning, the very first day of the conference, I made it a point to wake up early. I wanted to make sure that I was completely awake and fresh so that I could start the day’s work and help kickoff the conference itself with as much focus and enthusiasm as I could bring to bear. I went down to the restaurant and had a great breakfast (I ordered off the menu and avoided the buffet) and a hot, tasty espresso. I went back upstairs to my room, grabbed my water bottle and backpack, and headed back downstairs to make the short walk to the conference center. As I walked outside from the lobby, I noticed that the day was clear and sunny and that there was a nice, fresh, crisp feel in the air. “This is going to be a great day” I thought to myself.

As I walked down the sidewalk toward the grove of trees, I happened to glance to my left. To my horror, I saw one of the backhoes knocking and whacking the trees with its long arm, apparently in an attempt to knock them down and clear them from the area. I was stunned. I was speechless. I was horrified. I couldn’t figure out why I was feeling this way as I had seen trees being cleared from an area before and I never reacted in this manner. Without even thinking about it, I immediately felt compelled to run to the grove of trees and stand in front of the larger, older tree. I looked straight up into the tree and said, “Oh my god! Why are they doing this? Why are they trying to tear you down? What’s going on here?!” I was just about in tears.

In a voice that was crystal clear and quite audible in my head, the tree said, “Fear not, my son. There’s nothing to worry about. This is the way of the Universe. This is part of our lives. Do not mourn – be happy instead.” “But they’re tearing you down! Why are they doing that? Oh, no!” I said. At that point I wanted to burst out crying. But the elder tree wouldn’t let me! “Do not cry, my son. This is merely part of our lives as death is certainly a part of yours. Rejoice that we are moving on. Be happy for your life. Be happy that Creator has blessed you. Do not cry, just laugh. Just laugh.” From that point forward, I couldn’t cry regardless of how much I felt like doing so. All I could do was laugh.

Then something occurred to me. I was talking to the tree! I was talking to the tree!

“How is it that I’m talking to you? Why does your voice sound like mine? Am I going crazy? What’s going on here?” Then the tree said, “This is but one of the many hidden gifts you have that is now ready to reveal itself to you. You have had this gift in a few of your past lives, and you’re now ready at this age and this point in time to use it once again. You will speak to many more trees and have a council of trees that will help you in various aspects of your life from this point on. You will hear them in your own voice so that you can understand what they’re saying to you. You will surely know when a tree is speaking to you.” As he said that, I could feel a very specific tingling sensation and emotion in my mind and in the middle of my chest. To this day, I know when I’m truly speaking to a tree because I get this same exact feeling.

I was so stricken by this experience that I forgot all about the time. “You should go now. You have responsibilities and things you must do. You and I can continue to speak while I am here. The Universe will put you on the path to the other trees that will become a part of your life.” I certainly didn’t want to leave, but the tree was right. As I was leaving, I still wanted to cry because I was sad about what was happening to the trees. So I went to a quiet area by the sidewalk and thought, “I’d better have myself a good cry so that I can get this out of my system and so I can clear my eyes before anyone sees me. Then I heard him say, “Don’t cry, do not be sad. Be happy. Just laugh.” At that point, I burst out laughing, almost uncontrollably. No matter how hard I tried, I just could not cry! I could squeeze out a few tears of joy, but I could not cry tears of sadness at all. I spent the next five minutes just laughing, with tears of happiness streaming down my eyes. “More will be revealed soon. Just assimilate what has happened to you today,” the tree said. So I finished laughing, regained my composure, and went about my business for the day.

To say that I couldn’t believe what had just happened to me is a gross understatement. I felt changed. I felt like a different person. Like a truly blessed person. Elder Native Americans say that you can talk to Nature, to animals and to “the winged” ones if you will only open your mind to do so. They are so right. This brings to mind a quote I read from Walking Buffalo of the Nakoda first nation (circa early 1960’s):

“Do you know that trees talk? Well, they do. They talk to each other, and they’ll talk to you, if you will listen. Trouble is, white people don’t listen. They never listened to the Indians, and so I don’t suppose they’ll listen to the other voices in nature. But I have learned a lot from trees, sometimes about the weather, sometimes about animals, sometimes about the Great Spirit.”

This Sacred Gift Is Now Part of My Life

I have indeed encountered other trees that will speak to me, just as the elder tree indicated would happen. A few of them have become my counselors and advisors. They’ve helped me when I was transitioning from the corporate tech industry to my metaphysical work, and they’ve provided me with valuable guidance regarding my path in life. They’ve helped keep me on track and helped me ensure that I continue to do the work I was literally called to do. I’ve also gained great insight from them regarding personal matters. I’ve learned so much from them and continue to do so.

I visit my trees often, sometimes to get guidance from them and other times just to say hello. I like visiting them in person, although I can speak to them from afar. All I have to do is plant my feet flat on the floor, imagine them reaching down into Mother Earth, and then touching the tree’s roots. I found that this really works no matter where I am. I’ve done this everywhere, from the middle of an open field to the 78th floor of a skyscraper in Manhattan. I’m so happy that I can contact them anytime, anywhere.

A Few Last Words…

If you’ve ever had a feeling or notion that you can understand or speak to trees, birds, animals or any other of Nature’s creatures, don’t immediately think you’re going crazy or that something is wrong. Think about it in a different way. See it from the perspective that Creator has endowed you with a wonderful gift, and it is now your task to determine how you can use it for your greater good and the good of others. Always keep an open mind and an open heart.

I’ve now kept my promise to Grandmother Margaret, and I hope this will be helpful to those of you who have had a similar experience.

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39 Responses to The Gift of Talking to Trees

  1. Darla Seward-Halpern says:

    Wonderful blog post, Mike. I too have had many amazing experiences of being in communication with trees, as well as other plants, animals, birds, insects..etc. When I was in Virginia Beach tending to my Massage Therapy studies at the A.R.E, I was in a car accident. I couldn;t do the Massage practicums becouse of injuries. I was deeply sad and afraid that I would not be able to do Massage Work becouse of the injuries I recieved. As I sat in the meditation garden there, crying in deep concern and in pain, a cypress tree called to me…I heard it as plain as day. It wanted me to sit with my back along its trunk. There was a bench build around it, and so I sat on the bench with my spine along its trunk as best I could. It told me stories…I went into a hypnogogic type state and the cypress told me stories…and always at the end of the story, I was told that I was called to be a Healer and that the way was made clear for me. I should not worry. I would do the work I was called to do. The stories healed my injuries. I was recieving medical and holistic care for them, but the shifts I would feel when my back was against this cypress…well, I could never put them into words. I have many stories to tell of such communions…as it sounds like you do. They are all such holy experiences and I feel so blessed by them…Thank you for sharing your story.

    • Chris says:

      What great testimony : ) would you be willing to mentor me with your gift (or anyone)? I have great faith but it seems I’m unworthy to hear… And I would love it if someone could hear on my behalf questions that burden me? Thanks so much!

      • Let me begin by thanking you for asking me to be your mentor – I appreciate it. Unfortunately, I’m so busy with so many things (as evidenced by how long it took me to reply ) that I wouldn’t have the time to mentor you in a manner that I think would benefit you the most. I would still encourage you to find a mentor so that he or she can help you begin your journey. You could also just try talking with the trees – they make *great* mentors, as I can readily attest. In any case, I wish you the very best as you start down your new path.

  2. Minnah says:

    Great blog.

    Keep up the good work. I love tarot.

    Greetings from Sweden.


  3. Measure the area of your backyard where you want to plant your tree grove. Let’s say it’s 100 feet by 100 feet: many trees require 15 feet of space between them and other trees, so this size area will allow you to plant about 30 trees. You can calculate the number of trees you have room for based on your yard’s size and the 15-foot-apart rule.

  4. plparisi says:

    Thank you for your story. I speak with trees, too, mostly willows. I am gathering stories of people who talk with trees, and speaking with people directly to learn not only of their experiences but to find ways to teach more people to talk with trees. after that, water. and even more after that.

  5. Teresa says:

    If this is true then I guess I also have that gift !!!! To talk to trees 🙂 I’ve been hearing these voices from plants ever since I was 5 , I thought I was crazy ! Btw , great post 🙂

  6. Matthew says:

    Hooray! More Tree-Talkers! I’ve spoken but especially listened to trees my whole life and I’m glad to see others talking about their gifts with joy and confidence. I’m glad you’ve started listening and I encourage you to continue to do so. Say hi to trees and plants and stones and all the nature spirits that are around you everyday. You’ll be amazed how much better you feel. I wish you happiness and love throughout your life.

    P.S. Elder Oak, Cherry, Seemore, the Maple Brothers, Yue, RubyHolly, Doug and Sunny (some good tree friends of mine) all say hello 🙂

    • That’s so good to hear! And yes, I will continue talking to trees until it’s time for me to move on to the next plane of existence. I’ve been conversing with quite a bit of nature – I’ve just not written about it. Perhaps some day…

      Thank you for your kind wishes, and I’m pleased that you enjoyed my post. Please tell your wonderful tree friends hello for me, too! 🙂

  7. Jen says:

    Beautiful story, thank you so much for sharing! I actually know a few white people who are able to hear and speak to trees, including myself. 🙂 Most of the time I don’t hear them in words, like that, but sometimes. The first time, as an adult at least, I was walking along and I heard, “Thank you!” It was clear as a bell, ha ha ha. I jumped because I thought I was alone. I looked around and there was no one around. Then I got a flash, a memory of the winter before when I had passed this very large tree that I was standing next to. The trees low limb was dragged down with snow and ice and it just looked very uncomfortable! So I gently removed the snow and ice and fluffed the limb up a bit to try to help. When I realized the tree had actually said thank you to me, I think I cried a little, ha ha ha. One other time, a funny moment, I was looking at an Ironwood on Kaua’i. I had been told that they were an ‘invasive species’ and so I was thinking about that as I looked at the tree. I heard, “Humans are an invasive species.” Ha ha ha ha! It felt like the tree was teasing, although he was quite right, of course. Ha ha ha! Ive have had other experiences, too many for here. 🙂

    • Fortunately, this gift transcends race, gender and age. 🙂 I’m so glad to hear you speak to trees, too, and I love your stories. Please be sure to record them at some point so that you can pass them on; it would be sad to lose them.

      The pleasure of sharing my story is all mine! And Grandmother Margaret was right – this was a story I needed to tell. 🙂

  8. Jen says:

    That’s a good idea, Mike, thanks! I will write about my experiences. And thank you to Grandmother Margaret! ❤

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  10. I cannot believe that I read this today! I just had this experience today! Like many of you, I took a walk today without the intention of communicating with a tree. I was shocked when the trees along a trail in a park started talking to me. It’s a park where my daughter often jogs, and I was a little concerned for her safety. So as I passed by some trees along the way, I got the urge to ask them to look after her safety. To my utter shock and surprise, they replied that they had already been watching over her! I asked them how they could have ALREADY been doing this, since I had just in that moment requested it. They replied that they could “see” my prayers attached to her! This conversation went on to impart much wisdom to me. I am on this page today, because I Googled “trees talking to us.” I thought I was losing my mind!

    • What a great story – thank you for sharing it! Yes, you’d be very surprised just how much trees know about us without our knowledge. The Great Spirit talks to them, too, will let them know if they’re to help us in some way or another, even if we don’t know anything about it. It’s certainly happened to me! Take it as a great gift and honor it. I hope you’ll continue to have conversations with the trees; you’re obviously supposed to communicate with them.

  11. graytarot says:

    I’ve had some similar experiences, but the sensation was more akin to being near a gate or window than a thinking mind.

    • The trees seem to be speaking to you via visual (or sensual ) means so that you will notice them and understand them. I’ve found that trees will speak to an individual in a manner that is most easy for him/her to understand. Now that you know that you’re being contacted visually (initially, at least), keep your mind clear and open and perhaps they’ll speak to you in regular speech. It may be in your own voice or a different voice; don’t let that be a distraction. My trees speak to me in my own voice. I was very suspicious at first that it was just me thinking my own thoughts until an Elder told me, “We’re speaking to you in your own voice because it will be easy to listen to and you’ll understand what we’re trying to say much more quickly – there’s really no need for us to speak to you in a different voice. Especially given that you’ve had this gift in past lives.” So again, just keep an open mind, ear and heart and see what they say.

  12. Liz says:

    What a beautiful experience you shared here. I don’t speak to trees but I hugged them once in a while. :). Thanks for sharing…

  13. cathy says:

    I also had a story such a these. The experience still stays fresh in my mind. I was a member of our search and rescue K-9 team. I was the evaluator for a test in a fairly remote area. We always use landmarks such as trees to maintain our grid and make sure we are covering our search area. One pass was near an oak tree by a creek. I paused to pass an admiring glance. I continued on to watch and observe the team, but the tree said “hey, what are you doing?” . I turned thinking it was a team member, but they were moving on and obviously heard nothing. We carried on quite the conversation especially when I told it how beautiful it was. The tree was interested in what we were doing and said it didn’t get anyone up this way. We said hello and goodby on a couple other passes, then went silent. The odd thing was how comforting the encounter was and that I did not feel the need to share with anyone until now. Not sure why, just is.

    • It sounds like it was an experience you were meant to have. I’m happy to hear you embraced the moment and enjoyed it. I hope you’ll go back and visit the tree if you can. In any case, this is perhaps the beginning of a new set of experiences for you with regards to trees. Keep an open mind and enjoy your encounters – you’ll certainly learn a lot from them.

  14. Becky says:

    I found your blog today while I was looking for answers about what I felt yesterday. I went to Crater Lake for the first time. I walked to a view point and took in the scenery then I began to move on down a trail. While I was walking around I felt prompted to hug and tree and I was thinking “wow this is an amazing place the lake is beautiful!” That’s when I heard (in my mind) “I’ve never seen the lake.” It shocked me but I really felt the tree had spoke to me. It seems crazy! But I backed away and noticed the tree was not tall enough to “see” the lake if it were to have eyes. Weird I know. But I just said back to it “soon! You’re so close just keep growing!” What a strange yet joyful experience!

    • Thanks for sharing that, Becky! I hope you return to that spot and continue to have further conversations with that tree. It certainly sounds as if it reached out to you, so it’d be cool to take advantage of that wonderful gift.

  15. Brenda says:

    I had an experience also ❤ I was up by Fern canyon in total dark. I was praying, crying, begging for forgiveness… My mind was racing, it reminds me of searching for a radio station, all the static and noise. Then, like a station tuned in, my mind went totally quiet and peaceful. I heard in my head, not on my voice, someone say "do the trees beg forgiveness when a leaf falls?" !! I wasn't sure what had just happened. I knew I'd never heard that saying before (I've since googled it to see if someone somewhere had!) I thought for a long time it was possibly my guardian Angel? An alien invasion!? 😉 then I read how Ted Andrew talked to trees and that kind of made sense. Who would know better if trees do beg forgiveness? Thank you for your stories and site ❤

  16. Cindy says:

    Hi: Your post brought me to tears. I would like to share an experience I had with a giant oak tree several years ago. I raise livestock and walk pass this giant oak every morning and sometimes on its toes as (roots) as they spread out in all directions for at least 4 feet. I was somehow drawn to this tree by something I can’t put into words. Anyway, one morning on my usual walk out to the pasture I was greeting this tree (good morning, thank you for your shelter, how are you today, etc., etc.) when I happened to see something sticking up from its roots. I continued walking and said to myself that I would take a closer look when I came back. Well, I did. Without touching the object it was sticking straight up (vertically not horizontally) out of the tree’s roots. Upon closer inspection I found it to be a stone of some kind. I was tired and said to myself that I would take a closer look the next morning. I did. To my amazement, when I bent down to touch it it was firmly embedded in the tree’s roots and when I did manage to extract it I was almost in shock. It was an oval stone, worn smooth from years of water (?) honing it. I brushed off the dirt and held it in my hands, inspecting it. When I turned it over I got the shock of my life. On the other side were three distinct holes as if something had honed them out. They formed a face–two eyes and a mouth. I think I stood there trying to figure out if someone was playing a game or what. When you look at the structure of the stone it is a myriad of fine lines and little dots that remind me of looking up at the heavens envisioning the constellations, planets and stars. I named it my Shaman Stone. Needless to say, I thanked my friend for revealing this treasure to me. You can see a picture of this work of art on my blog. I am of Native American ancestry–Penobscot and Wampanoag with Celtic overtones. I am a Tarot reader and a Lighrworker, here to better things on this planet for ALL humans. Love

  17. arbreamour says:

    I am so grateful to have found your site and to see that there is such a vast community of people that have had these experiences! I sometimes feel weird and alienated in my ability to converse with trees, to connect with more folks that do the same is such a blessing.

  18. Nats says:

    My love for trees have been there forever. I feel more than hear them, but I do speak to them and I feel the answer, but would totally love it if I could have a fat conversation with them now and then. I love them. They are part of me and I am part of them. They have and always will be part of my journey.

  19. JK Quinn says:

    I’m not sure when it was that I could talk to trees. I recall being taught by my mother when I was young to respect the trees; if my brother or I snapped a branch off to play with, she’d make us put a gentle hand on the tree and apologize. When I got older and interested in witchcraft, I wanted to find an ash branch for a wand and ended up just asking a tree for permission with the same way I would apologize as a little girl to the trees and felt a response. Not in the same way you do, as I don’t think I hear words, but rather feel… Something. That tree I asked for a branch? I could feel it was pleased I asked for its permission first and knew it was okay with it (problem was, I couldn’t reach). I later asked a different tree, in poorer condition/health, the same and it felt almost angry. Offended, even.

    Is it strange that I don’t communicate in the same way? Or that this communication relies on physical contact?
    Or is this just my beginning?

  20. Alexandra says:

    Thank you for your post.
    I had an experience with talking to a tree about two years ago. I was in a bad emotional place and I went on a bike ride. Then I was walking by the sidewalk and the tree made a remark about me, idk what was said but I had this feeling of funny lol so I laugh and I said “oh not only are you wise but funny too!” And I heard the laughter that was so sweet and made me feel so nurtured. So I went to it and soon I was on top of the tree and it felt like I had walked behind an invisible curtain where I could see the world and I felt so safe in this tree’s strong branch. I felt that no one could see me there not my bike. And idk I felt so at peace I never wanted to leave, and the tree was so happy and calm and he loved listening to my music. I showed him my favorite artist and the tree just hung out with me basically. Then I rode back home and idk I felt like everything was a dream but my sadness was not gone and I thought I was crazy, because it was so magical. But soon I began to hear the murmurs of other trees. I felt them looking at me with cognition, waiting to spark conversation. So I felt afraid and I asked them for their silence because I feel I am not ready yet to handle gifts. I also fear that it could be an evil trying to possess me in disguise?
    The next day I went to the hospital to check what was wrong with me. I told the nurses I spoke with a tree but they dismissed me saying that trees are living things. They never thought I was crazy not that what I experienced was out of the ordinary, maybe just silly. After the doctor my boyfriend rode by the tree and the branch where I had been sitting had been cut off.
    I know they are alive. But I just admire them always I never try to spark conversation anymore. Tho I will never forget the way I felt the day it happened. I have always loved trees and I let them know I know they are listening and that I love them and respect them and understand their worth. I fear so many things if I chose to embrace gifts like this. Idk

  21. mary says:

    I can talk to trees to😊my backyard tree is very very nice to me

  22. Thomas says:

    Today I was in a beautiful church garden just gazing at a massive tree, and I got this nice kind happy feeling ,and it said come closer ,not in so many words but I somehow knew what it meant 😏

  23. T says:

    Wow! I have chills… i recently had a experience that is just so intense I can barely put into words. You have explained this sensation soo well. Mine similar just different scenario but the not able to have the flight or fight response, but you question some reason but not enough to doubt yourself in its full clear understanding. Seriously sounds nutty, but it’s so surreal. I’d love to chat more or read more!

  24. Wanita says:

    I have recently found out that i can hear the trees and communicate with them….I immediately felt bad about “ignoring”them for so many years..i live in a small woods….thank you for sharing your story..i too feel sad when i see trees being cut down…i also feel bad because so many of them have died from the draught a few years ago..thank you

  25. Leah Clark says:

    I’ve recently become aware of trees as entities, and they talk to me as well. I hear different trees with different voices – palm trees are a bit shrill and “pointy” sounding, while oaks speak slowly and deeply. It’s quite moving.

  26. Danie says:

    Hi guys… Even I talk to trees from past 2 years… I was really down as I and my parents had a fight… And I was really depressed and I went to the terrace surrounded by trees in all the four sides… I just started talking to myself and out of nowhere I could hear a voice and the voice said “Danie… Don’t worry” and then from that day I kept talking to him… And he still speaks. He didn’t hear any fruits for 5 years and so the Tree asked me Danie can you do something for me? So I replied that I will pray for you and I promise in the next season of mangoes you will bear fruit and I waited and we kept talking daily.. and the next year he bore fruits… I really love this new gift God has given me… Wherever I go, wherever I am.. I always talk to Trees.. I just want to say that I am so sad that people are cutting down Trees and It’s so painful bro hear stories from John that is the Tree I talk to… He is so loving I mean every Trees plant is loving… Thank You mother nature

  27. The universe has bestowed a gift upon you 🌈🌟💫thank you for these beautiful visions.

  28. Mone't says:

    I’m extremely happy to know im not the only one who hears and speaks to trees. I truly thought for a long time i was alone in this. I hope i meet more people who share this gift in the future.

  29. Pippa says:

    Thank you for your article.
    I have been given the gift of talking to trees and animals. Even ‘non living’ objects have come to life before my eyes. There is spirit in everything here in this universe. Yes, open your mind to possibility. I have not spoken with the trees for several months now, for I do not know what to ask. But when the tie comes, I will communicate once again.

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