2012: It’s a New Year–What a rush!

Well, it’s a new year and I’m looking forward to how it unfolds! On the other hand, it’s already going too fast – it’s February! Where did January go?

In readings that I did for myself during the last quarter of 2011 and in conversations with my council of trees (another story for another time), I was informed that this would be the year in which I would be immersed in my Tarot and metaphysical work and that this would be a year of great movement. The train is on the tracks, it has left the station, and will now go at a pretty fast pace down the tracks. So far, this has been absolutely true. My cards and my trees weren’t kidding.

I’m now working on a number of projects, a few of which (unfortunately) need to be executed and completed within the same timeframe. I’m certainly not going to be bored any time soon!

  • Psychic fairs. The psychic fair season is gearing up in my area, and I’m participating in a number of the larger fairs in the next few months. These fairs are loads of fun and I’m usually pretty busy all day. You can find information on these events on my website’s calendar. http://justenoughtarot.com/TarotCalendar.aspx
  • New services. I’ve provided Tarot classes and seminars and done some mentoring throughout the past couple of years, but it was on a somewhat casual basis. I’ve decided to pursue these activities more actively starting this year and will soon list them on my website. I’ll also most likely offer phone readings, too. Keep an eye on my website for details.

  • Tarosophist International Magazine I’m continuing to write articles for this magazine. I just love to contribute to the wealth of knowledge the magazine provides. It’s a superb publication and I’m so pleased to be in the company of such great authors and writers.

  • Reader’s Studio 2012. I’m attending this wonderful event again this year, and I’m looking forward to seeing many of my Tarot friends and colleagues in New York. This year I’m doing an evening study group session titled Professional Presentation Skills 101 from 9:00-11:00 on Saturday, April 28th. You can find out more information on my session here (http://tarotschool.com/RS12/RS12_Hernandez.html) and more about the event here (http://www.tarotschool.com/RS12/index.html).

  • Books. I’m determined to write my Tarot book this year. (It’s been in the works for two years now.) It will be on intermediate techniques, and I’ll have more info about it on my website as the work progresses. Additionally, I’m working on the third edition of my technical book “Database Design for Mere Mortals”. I hadn’t planned on working on this until later this year, but my publisher contacted me just before New Year’s and asked me if we could get going on this soon. How could I refuse?

  • Website and Facebook. On top of all this, I have to revamp my website and Facebook page. I really don’t want to do this, but the situations are such that I must do so. I currently have my website hosted by Microsoft Office Small Business Live (OSBL). Well, Microsoft is closing down OSBL and wants everyone to move to Office 365 (O365). The services and fees they charge me won’t change (for the most part), but I stand to lose all of my site content if I do not migrate to O365 by April 1st. (Long story – I may blog on this later.) Regarding Facebook: I’ve been told that everyone needs to migrate to the new “Timeline” style and theme by the end of February (I think). If you do not move to the new style yourself, FB will do it for you. And maybe not quite how you think your content should be moved. (Another long story which I may blog about later, too.)

As I said, my readings and my trees told me that I was going to hit the ground running this year, but I had no idea that things would be piling up and moving this fast. I have to say, though, that I wouldn’t have it any other way. My Information Technology life is definitely over, and I’m now dedicated to a new career in the metaphysical realm as a professional Tarotist, which includes being a reader, teacher, speaker and writer. I have a good life, I’m having a great time, and I just love what I do!

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One Response to 2012: It’s a New Year–What a rush!

  1. mysticveritastarot says:

    great keep up the good work love and light

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