Seeing the New Year through the Tarot

It’s just a day before the new year, and I originally thought I’d share some of my opinions as to how I thought the year progressed for me and my small chunk of the world. Instead, I’m feeling more compelled to share with you the notion of how just seven cards in the Tarot can show what the new year will bring as you work through another segment of your journey in life. Those seven cards are the Ace of Pentacles, the Ace of Cups, the Ace of Swords, the Ace of Wands, the Fool, the Wheel of Fortune and The World. Experiences in life and in the Universe seem to happen in cycles and, to be sure, these cards will be relevant at the beginning of every new year.

Your Potential is all Elemental

You constantly work on some aspect of yourself at any given time as you move along your path in life throughout the year. For example, you may be working on strengthening your mental focus or bringing balance to your emotions. The end of the year provides a feeling of completion (whether good, bad or indifferent), and you’re ready for a fresh start. A fresh start. I believe that is just what the four aces represent.


The Ace of Pentacles represents the earth and your materialistic potential – it has to do with how you deal with the material world and the tangibles in life. The pentacle reminds you that everything you have and everything you value comes from the Earth. The new year gives you a fresh start on getting in better physical shape, balancing your work life and personal life, collaborating and being creative with others, managing your finances and material growth, dealing with both adversity and prosperity, and connecting and grounding within the environment around you.

The Ace of Cups represents water and your emotional potential – it has to do entirely with how you feel. The cup represents the varied and flowing nature of your emotions. The new year gives you a fresh start on improving how you feel about yourself, gaining a better and more positive outlook on life, building better relationships with others, broadening your hopes and dreams, tempering your thoughts, and deepening your emotions.

The Ace of Swords represents air and your intellectual self – it has to do with how you think and how you communicate. The sword represents the dual nature of your mind; it can be sharp or dull in the extremes. The new year gives you a fresh start on improving how you think about yourself, developing a better and more positive perspective on life, tempering your feelings, learning to make better decisions, improving how you speak with other people, and broadening your intellect.

The Ace of Wands represents fire and your energetic self – it has to do with how and where you focus your energies. The wand represents your potential for growth and your inner source of energy. The new year gives you a fresh start on building and sustaining your energy, being risky and taking advantage of opportunities, managing your passions and will, and dealing better with difficulties and successes.

Seeing the Year from Beginning to End

I mentioned earlier that experiences in life and in the Universe seem to happen in cycles. It also seems true that things particularly to happen in threes. The Fool, the Wheel of Fortune and the The World are three cards that, to me, best represent how the new year will transpire.


The Fool represents how you feel at the beginning of the year. Again, there’s a sense that you have a fresh start and have the chance to walk down your path with a new and more positive perspective. You’re much more lighthearted and have a renewed sense of freedom. You bring with you only the positive lessons you’ve learned from this past year, and your fresh outlook will enable you to engage your challenges head-on and give you the courage to take a few risks.

The Wheel of Fortune represents the cycle of experiences you’ll encounter throughout the year, in addition to the work you’ll do on your life’s lessons. First you’ll experience a new sense of creativity and focus, and you’ll work on figuring out just what you have to do this coming year. You’ll then work on accomplishing your objectives, bringing to bear all of your skills, resources and experience. Finally, you’ll complete what you can, making the personal changes and adjustments you need in order to live a full and happy life. All the while you will study, learn and work on the various aspects of yourself – your material self, your emotional self, your intellectual self, and your energetic self.

The World represents your state of being at the end of the year. You’ve accomplished that which was reasonably attainable, you’ve completed the cycle of experiences that enabled you to improve yourself and your situation in life, and you’ve learned those lessons that you were meant to learn this year. Your accomplishments have bolstered your confidence and self-esteem, you’re more peaceful and at ease that you were at this time last year, and your perspective on life is such that you can’t wait for next year to begin.

My Wishes for You

I hope the very best for you this coming year and extend to you my most heartfelt wishes for a happy, peaceful, fruitful, and fulfilling year. I hope that you have the strength to see you through difficult times, and the peace to enjoy the happy times.

My most sincere wish is that you always be present and in the moment. I find this is the best perspective to have in order to enjoy life and live it to its fullest. As such, let me leave you with these thoughts for the upcoming year.

The Past is behind you – you must let it go
The Future is in front of you – you must flow towards it
The Present is where you stand – it was the Future that will become your Past
Therefore, be in the Moment, for it is all you really have
~ Mike Hernandez ~


Happy New Year, my friends!


* All card images from the Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot copyright © US Games Systems, Inc.

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One Response to Seeing the New Year through the Tarot

  1. Sharon says:

    Thanks for the insightful and inspiring post Mike.

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