Tarot Rhymes and Limericks

Ferol Humphrey started a thread in Living Tarot on FaceBook that asked people to use the Tarot as a basis for writing poetry. I thought I’d give it a whirl, but ended up writing rhymes and limericks instead. I had a great time doing it (I posted three entries, which appear below), so I thought I’d write more and post them here on my blog. I hope you enjoy them – I’ll be posting more, to be sure!

There was a young Fool from Fredonia
Who washed swords and cups with ammonia
A sponge he had joined
With a wand and a coin
In attempting to fake a begonia


The Fool can be
At the beginning or the end
The start or the finish
To Fate’s will this will bend
But which point will be
The best for his growth
As everyone will see
It’s the Fool who really knows


The 4 of Pentacles

Here sits a man on a narrow stone bench
Obviously not wearing his spectacles
He’s in the city, you see, as oblivious as can be
Just sitting there holding his pentacles


“Oh Sir, can I Hierophant?”
“O’Phant’s not here”, said McGee
“He went with the Empress
To break down her Temperance
What a Devil of a Magician is he!”


The 3 of Swords

Three sharp swords
Poked into a heart
Will the rain and the clouds
Ever clear and break apart?
Perhaps they will
Once the wound’s had time to heal
I’ll no longer let my head
Allow someone my heart to steal

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