A Twist on Robert Place’s Cool Reading Technique

James Ricklef recently wrote a post in his blog about a cool technique that Robert Place presented at the 2010 Readers Studio. I’ve been using the technique with great success since I returned from the Readers Studio, and in reading James’ blog I realized that I unconsciously added one alteration – I use reversed cards. The technique still works quite well and you (surprisingly and happily) get the same type of results in terms of directed energy flow.

Take a moment and read the “Robert Place at Readers Studio 2010” entry in James’ blog. (http://jamesricklef.wordpress.com/2010/05/06/robert-place-at-rs10/). James did an absolute great job describing and summarizing the technique, and I know it will be well worth your time and effort. Note that James indicates not using reversed cards. I don’t remember Robert saying that, but I trust James’ recollection on this far better than mine. Ok, off you go…

<<Cool ‘70’s music playing in the background while I wait for you to return…>>

Now that you have an idea of how Robert’s technique works, here’s my example using reversed cards.

I drew these three cards for a client of mine who was feeling way better about himself, but still seemed to have something nagging at the back of his brain. I told him that he was definitely over that which was really stressing him out, and that he had come a long way in becoming more confident, being more decisive, and feeling better in his own skin. I also said that he has, indeed, accomplished the work he needed to do. So now I apply Robert’s technique.


It was clear that he did get over all that was stressing him out because the lady on the bed is facing away from the Emperor. Although he’s completed his work, there’s some small part of it that he hasn’t let go, which is why he has the uneasy feeling. I noted the man in the 10 of Wands is facing back towards the Emperor, indicating that he won’t feel fully confident and at ease until he finally releases that last bit of the past which is in the back of his mind. I also said that, if he did let it go, a subsequent reading would likely show a more positive energy flow away from the Emperor, indicating that he is ready to move on to the next part of his journey.

Had I used upright images only and gotten the same cards, the message would have been entirely different. For me, using reversed cards gives me the greatest breadth of possibilities for interpreting the message, and I know that if I get the cards in a certain way (upright or reversed), they were meant to be so.

In any case, it’s a pretty incredible technique and it has most definitely enhanced my readings and raised them up a couple of levels. I hope it has the same benefits for you.

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3 Responses to A Twist on Robert Place’s Cool Reading Technique

  1. James says:

    Hey Mike — Thanks for the shout out to my blog. :DAs for reversed cards in Bob’s 3-card spread, I don’t recall if he specifically mentioned it in his workshop, but I have been in one of his workshops on this topic before, and I have discussed this issue with him personally. That’s how I know that he intends for this spread to be read with only upright cards. I do know that he mentioned in his RS10 workshop that rev’d cards gives you 78 more "options" but that using 3-card "tryptics" gives you several hundred thousand possibilities.Of course that doesn’t mean you can’t use rev’d cards with his spread. I would say that if it works for you, go for it. :DBest,James Ricklefhttp://jamesricklef.wordpress.com/http://www.jamesricklef.com/

  2. Ferol says:

    Mike, thanks for this, a very well-written and cogent entry on using reversals in expanding the nuance of a reading. We have such a wealth of resources in our community, and it is nice to know that we use each other’s techniques, give credit as appropriate, and embroider them to make them our own, sharing the results. Good work! I, too, use reversals, pretty much always.Warmly,Ferol HumphreyDirector, Living Tarothttp://www.facebook.com/LivingTarot

  3. Soap says:

    HI Mike! I also use reversed cards (even though the example in my blog post didn’t have any). I know Bob didn’t intend this technique for reversed cards, but that is one of the glorious things about tarot and different techniques–we can all make them our own, combining and mixing and matching. I have incorporated this along with Donnaleigh’s idea of physically turning reversed cards upright to see help loosen up stagnant energy (which I often associate with reversed cards). So I get not only an accurate read on a situation but also come with great actions steps for the client if they care to change their situation.

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